Here at Hive, we believe in communicating!

Start a conversation with either a group or a specific individual to reach greater heights! Have work discussion, milestone celebration, automated update or even gossips! Hive's native messenger got you covered!

Create a group
Create a group chat easily! 

  1. Click on the "+" button beside groups 
  2. Input your group name
  3. Select your members
  4. Press "save"

*You can add people who are not in your workspace by sending a invite! 

Hive's tip: 

  1. Add group chats according to your department/work team. (e.g Marketing, Dev, Finance) or to your projects (e.g Food party, Tech Conference) 
  2. You can also add automated messages. (e.g twitter updates). Simply go to settings and click integration. You can do automated messages by linking your account with zapier

Direct Message 

  1. Click on the "+" button beside direct message 
  2. Choose the person you want to talk to 
  3. Press "create"

More, more and more! 

Hive understands your needs. You can now know the status of the person you are talking to! 

Chat bubble - You have got new message!
Green Box - The person is online
Orange Box - The person is busy/away
. . . - The person is typing 

It is definitely crucial for your team to communicate effectively. Now you can, with Hive!

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