If your team works on a lot of projects, it can be difficult to keep track of them all in the Hive action panel. Even worse, having too many project tabs open at once can be distracting. 

Project Navigator makes it easier to manage all the different projects and views you're working on. 

Accessing Project Navigator

To access the Project Navigator, click the four square button in the upper right corner of the action panel.

Using Project Navigator

It will open a new panel that shows a list of all the views and project in your hive workspace.

You can see the name of each project and the team members involved. You can also filter your projects by created date or name or search for projects in the search bar. 

When you hover over a specific project, three options appear:

  • Copy - Create another project with all the same tasks and layout with all dates removed
  • Archive - Remove project from action panel while still maintaining the data in the "Archived" section of Project Navigator
  • Delete - Permanently remove project and all its tasks from the workspace

In Project Navigator, it's easier to make changes to several projects at once.

Leaving Project Navigator

If you click one of the projects, it closes project navigator and opens up directly to the project. 

You can also leave project navigator by clicking the X in the upper right corner. 


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