When you have a lot of projects in your workspace, it can be tough to find what you're looking for. 

To help with this, you can now nest projects together. 

Simply, you can choose a parent for a project. It will then sit under the project in the Project Navigator. 

This does not mean that the parent project includes the actions of its children. It simply organizes the projects in a visual format that easier to navigate.

Nesting a project under a parent

  1. Go to the Project Navigator
  2. Hover over the project you want to nest. Click Edit.
  3. It should open a modal (see picture below) with a drop down to add a parent project. Select the project you want to make the parent and select Done.

  4. It will then sit indented under the parent in the Project Navigator

Adding a parent to a new project

  1. Select +New Project
  2. Name the project
  3. Select the +Parent Project link
  4. Open drop down, select the project you want to add and finish creating the project.

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