Note: In order to do this, you need to have a free Zapier account.

Have you learned about Pulse? Setting up Pulse alerts notify you when certain metrics go above a below a threshold or automatically detect anomalies.

With a Zapier integration, you can receive Pulse Alerts as messages on Hive. It can also be set up to create an automated action when Pulse is triggered, assigning you a task.

Setting up Zapier

  • Create a a new "Catch Hook" on Zapier 

  • Copy the Webhook URL (you will need it for a later step)

  • Choosing Hive as the Action App after the trigger 

  • Select a Hive Action after the trigger.
    *We recommend creating a new message and a new action. The message is an instant notification, and the new action is set as a task for you to look into the trigger. 

  • Customize your alert in Hive

Setting up Hive Analytics

  • Add metric to Pulse 

  • Click "Advanced" 

  • Click "Notification Options" Icon and check "Zapier" 

With this set up, you will now receive Pulse notifications in Hive.

*Note: The web hook url must be set on Pulse and must be triggered at least once, in order for Zapier to catch the webhook. 

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