Note: In order to do this, you need to have a Slack account.

Have you learned about Pulse? Pulse alerts notify you when certain metrics go above a below a threshold or automatically detect anomalies.

With a Slack integration, you can receive Pulse Alert as a message on your dedicated slack channel.

This is how you can get notified of your alerts through Slack.

Setting up Slack

  • Go to App Directory and search for Incoming Webhooks and "Add Configuration"

  • Select a channel to post the message to, and "Add Incoming WebHooks integration"

  • Configure and customize your integration settings

  • Save your settings

Setting up Hive Analytics

  • Add a metric to Pulse

  • Click "Advanced" 

  • Click "Notification Options" Icon and check "Slack" 

  • Enter the Webhook URL and Channel Name
    Note: You can find the Webhook URL in "Integration Settings" on slack

With this, you can now be notified of your Pulse Alert on Slack. 

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