The Hive Gmail add-on allows you to create actions directly from your inbox. No need to copy and paste to transfer tasks from email to Hive.

To add the Hive for Gmail as an add-on in your inbox:

  • Click on the 'Google apps' icon
  • Scroll to the bottom and click 'More from G Suite Marketplace'
  • In the search bar, search 'Hive for Gmail'
  • Click on 'Hive for Gmail' in the search results and then click the 'Install' button
  • The add-on will appear as the Hive logo on the right-hand side of your Gmail screen

To create an action from Gmail:

  • Click into an email you'd like to create into an action
  • Click on the Hive add-on
  • The Hive for Gmail 'Create Action' modal will appear with action details pre-populated from the email
  • Click to update the project, title and description
  • Click 'Create action' at the bottom of the modal once you've made all desired updates
  • Click to 'Open action in Hive' and see the action in Hive (the action will be automatically assigned to you)
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