Included in your Hive account is our standard analytics dashboard, called "Workspace Overview".

Note: This replaces the 3 previous standard dashboards (My Productivity, Team Productivity, Time Tracking) as of December 2021.

This dashboard is accessed from Hive Apps > Analytics, and includes 4 sections:

  • Overview

  • Overdue Actions

  • Actions Due [Timeframe]

  • Actions Completed [Timeframe]


Use the available filters on the right-hand side to drill into data. These filters are personal to you. You can operate the filters by clicking the pencil to change the selection, as shown here:

The Filters are explained here:

  • Workspaces: Include All will be selected, and this should include just your primary Hive workspace. If you have multiple workspaces in your subscription, they will appear here

  • Action Due Date: This controls the section called "Actions Due [Timeframe]". Changing the timeframe will impact only the widgets in this section.

  • Projects: These are project titles that you have access to

  • Project statuses: These are the default project statuses like On-track, Off-track, On Hold, At Risk and any of the custom statuses if they are created in your workspace.

  • Assignees: Action card assignees

  • Labels: any labels applied to action cards in your workspace will be listed to filter on

  • Action statuses: Action card statuses

  • Is subaction: is the action card a subaction or not -- if you'd like to exclude subactions from the dashboard, then unselect 'True' and check 'False'

  • Is Project Archived: Set to False by default, but you can select 'True' to also include archived projects in the dashboard.

  • Is Action Archived: Set to False by default, but you can select 'True' to also include archived actions in the dashboard.

  • Is Risk & Issue: Set to False by default, but you can select 'True' to include actions that are created in the Risk & Issues section in Hive.

  • Action Completion Date: This controls the section called 'Actions Completed [Timeframe]. Changing the timeframe will impact only the widgets in this section.

  • Project Custom Field Name & Value: This filter allows you to select specific project custom fields by name and their value.

Filters - Common Use Cases

Here are some ways to use filters - the exact application will depend on the data in your workspace:

  1. Viewing your own productivity: Set "Assignees" to yourself`

  2. Viewing a particular team of individuals: Select those users from the "Assignees" filter

  3. Viewing progress for all actions tagged with 'Social Media' label: Select 'Social Media' from the "Labels" filter

  4. Viewing progress over the past two months: Change the timescale to "This & Last Month" for the "Actions Completed" filter

Dynamic Date Filters

As noted above, these particular date filters impact the corresponding sections of the dashboard:

  • Action Due Date: Updating this filter's time frame will change the title of the Actions Due [Timeframe] section and the data included in the widgets to match, as shown in this screenshot:

  • Action Completion Date: Updating this filter's timeframe will change the title & the data that's included in the Actions Completed [Timeframe] section, as shown in this screenshot:

Data Visibility

Every Hive user will only see data in Hive Analytics that is visible to them when in the Hive workspace. For instance, if there is a project created by the Marketing team and not shared with you, the data from this project will not be shown to you in Analytics.


You can export an entire dashboard as a PDF or an image. Navigate to the top right corner of the dashboard and click the PDF icon or click the three dots and scroll down to 'Download'. 

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