Included in your Hive Pro account are three standard analytics dashboards:

  1. Your Personal Dashboard

  2. Team Dashboard

  3. Time Tracking Dashboard

Your Personal Dashboard 

Your personal dashboard includes - you guessed it - information relevant to your personal productivity. This dashboard will help you understand how many actions you are completing every week, which projects have overdue actions, and who is assigning you tasks. 

Team Dashboard 

The team dashboard will show important information about all the activity in your workspace. This dashboard includes widgets which will report on team productivity and project health. Note: You will only be able to see insights into projects that you are a member of.

Time Tracking

If you use time tracking in your workspace, this dashboard will show important stats regarding the time recorded and time estimates for actions and projects in your workspace. Note: You will only be able to see insights into projects that you are a member of. 

Dashboard Customization

We offer several options for purchasing custom dashboards, but there's also lots you can do with the standard dashboards to customize them for free. 

My Pulse

My Pulse is a collection of the most important widgets across all the dashboards you have access to. Never want to miss a beat? You can set up Pulse alerts to notify you when certain metrics go above or below a certain threshold or automatically detect anomalies in certain widgets. You can learn more about setting up Pulse alerts here

Drill Into 

Drilling into an element of a widget will allow you to uncover the data behind it. For example, if I wanted to see a list of the overdue actions in a specific project, I would follow these steps: 

  1. Highlight the project you want to analyze by clicking the segment on the widget.

  2. You will see a drop down menu appear, click 'Drill Into > Action Details'

This will show me the overdue actions that are contributing to this segment. You can manipulate the filters to further segment the information in the table. If you want to see multiple projects included in this table, add the project to the ProjectName filter by clicking Edit and searching for the project you wish to include. 

If you want to further segment the information by date, manipulate the 'Due Date' and 'Completed Date' filter to include the date range you're after. Once you have the information you are after, you can download this information as a PDF, CSV, or an image. 

Additionally, you can export an entire dashboard as a PDF or an image. Navigate to the top right corner of the dashboard and click the PDF icon or click the three dots and scroll down to 'Download'. 

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