With custom dashboards, you will be able to analyze specific KPI's to better understand team productivity, project status, project health, and much more! These dashboards help you make better business decisions and understand exactly what's going on in your workspace. Custom dashboards are reserved for users on our Enterprise plan. 

Here are some common questions we can answer with a custom dashboard: 

  • How is work distributed across my workspace? 

  • How many actions did my team complete last week, month, quarter, or year? 

  • Which projects or users have the most overdue actions?

  • How active are the members of my team in the Hive workspace?

  • How has user activity changed over time? 

  • What is the average lead time for actions in my workspace? 

With custom dashboards, the possibilities are *almost* endless. Below are just a few examples of how users leverage dashboard customization to get the most out of their Hive account. 

Many teams like to know how work is distributed across their workspace. We can do this in many ways, but the most common is to segment by project, action, and assignee. We can also segment by action status if, for example, you want to report on actions that are overdue or actions that have been flagged by a custom status. 

An important aspect of custom analytics is that we have the ability report on both labels and custom fields. Reporting on these fields will allow you to better visualize the breakdown of actions within your workspace. Below is an example of how labels (used to categorize actions by region) can be used to view completed actions for each region in a specific time frame. 

Custom dashboards can also help get a better understanding of project health by looking at metrics such as project percent completion and action overdue status. 

User engagement and adoption is often an important metric for customers during onboarding. Custom widgets will help track and manage user activity across the workspace. 

Do you have the specific KPIs in mind that you want to report on in your custom dashboard? Talk you your implementation manager about getting set up or click 'Customize' in the top left corner of your analytics screen! 

Not ready to take the plunge? Check out what you can do with the standard dashboards included in your Hive Pro subscription. 

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