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Customize your workspace to best fit your team’s needs

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To view and update your workspace features, head to your profile dropdown, then Your workspace, and go to the Settings tab.

You’ll see the following features to customize:

While all users can view these settings, only workspace admins can adjust them. If you are not an admin in your workspace, please reach out to your admin if any changes are required.

Workspace Settings Glossary


  • Working week - Provides options for Monday - Friday or Thursday-Sunday working weeks.

  • Holiday Schedule - By enabling holidays you can customize a calendar to block non-working days in resourcing and Gantt.

  • Third-party integrations - Available options for third-part file storage integration.

  • Currency - Currency options used in the workspace (reflected in project budgets).

  • Show private actions - When selected, private actions will be visible in their associated projects for assignees. When deselected, private actions will only be visible in the My Actions section for assignees.

  • Enable Project IDs - Adds an ID number for each project (shown on the Project Overview page and Portfolio View).

  • Hide project budgets from members and external users - Allows to hide project budgets from workspace members and external users on the Project Overview page.

  • Restrict new status creation to admins and project owners - This setting allows only workspace admins and the project owner to create new statuses in projects.

  • Offer meeting notes to attendees - This is a setting for Hive Notes allowing the Note to be shared with members of linked meetings.

Project default Settings (all new projects will have these as default settings. You can override these settings in project settings)

  • Allow actions to be assigned on weekends - This will include weekends in your workspace and allow actions to be scheduled for Saturday & Sunday as the default setting for new projects. Learn more about this setting

  • Show subactions in Kanban views - Makes subactions with a different status from their parent action visible in the Kanban Views (Status, Team, and Label View)

  • Automatically add teams to projects - When a team or teams are selected these will be added to each new project created in the workspace by default.

  • Gantt auto-scheduling - This setting will specify whether auto-scheduling is off, on or strict for new projects by default.

  • Move approvals to the next stage when - Will allow you to set whether all approvers need to approve or respond to move approvals to the next stage.


  • This setting will navigate you to the Workspace Apps page where workspace admins can manage Hive applications.

Proofing & approvals

  • Enable Proof Annotation Numbering - Adds numbers to each annotation comment in proofing

  • Enable Proof Auto Versioning - Adds numbers to each version of a proof uploaded

  • Allow read-only project members to access - This setting can restrict read-only project members from accessing and taking part in the proofing and approvals application in projects.


  • Link group chats and project view switching - If selected, when you click into a project’s group chat, the project will open up.

  • Disable the "Everyone" group - Removes the Everyone chat group

Time tracking

  • Show subactions time on parent action - When using the Time Tracking app, this setting allows time on subactions to be rolled up and shown on the parent action card.


  • This logo will appear at the top of Hive forms, on a white background

Not seeing a workspace feature available that you think we should consider adding? Check out our community forum and add your suggestion here:

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