To view and update your workspace features, head to your profile dropdown, then Your workspace, and go to the Settings tab.

You’ll see the following features to customize:

Workspace Features

These features will apply across your entire workspace

Link group chats and project view switching

If selected, when you click into a project’s group chat, the project will open up.

Show subactions in Kanban views

Makes subactions with a different status from their parent action visible in Status, Team, and Label views

Disable the "Everyone" group

Removes the Everyone chat group

Only show action custom fields on top-level actions

If selected, action card custom fields will not appear on subactions

Show private actions

When selected, private actions will be visible in their associated projects for assignees. When deselected, private actions will only be visible in the My Actions section for assignees.

Enable Proof Annotation Numbering

Adds numbers to each annotation comment in proofing

Enable Proof Auto Versioning

Adds numbers to each version of a proof uploaded

Lock User Custom Tags

Prevents custom user tags from being edited

Restrict custom field creation to admins

Prevents non-admin users from creating new custom fields

Enable Project IDS

Adds an ID number for each project

Beneath those features, you'll also see the option to customize the file integration options and currency.

Project Default Settings

These settings allow you to create specific default for all new projects created in your workspace.

Add teams to projects

When a team or teams are selected these will be added to each new project created in the workspace by default.

Gantt auto-scheduling

This setting will specify whether auto-scheduling is off, on or strict for your projects.

Working week

Provides options for Monday - Friday or Thursday-Sunday working weeks.

Holiday Schedule

By enabling holidays you can customize a calendar to block non-working days in resourcing and Gantt.

Allow actions to be assigned on weekends

This will includes weekends in your workspace and allows actions to be scheduled for Saturday & Sunday. Learn more about this setting

Move approvals to the next stage when

Will allow you to set whether all approvers need to approve or respond to move approvals to the next stage.

While all users can view these settings, only workspace admins can adjust them. If you are not an admin in your workspace, please reach out to your admin if any changes are required.

Not seeing a workspace feature available that you think we should consider adding? Check out our community forum and add your suggestion here:

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