To all of the new joiners from SquidHub - welcome to the Hive community! We're excited to have you join us here.

Below we answer some of the key questions you might have as you transition onto the Hive platform.

What features do I have access to in Hive?

How do I get my data from SquidHub and bring it into Hive?

What are the plan options?

Can I see a demo?

Are you a lifetime SquidHub account holder? You are now a Hive lifetime account holder! Get in touch with, so we can talk you through your options.

What features do I have access to in Hive?

You will have access to all Hive features, for a trial period of 100 days, which starts from the day you create a Hive account. See more about Hive's features here.

After 100 day free trial, you will have the option to sign up for one of Hive's plans if you have more teammates to collaborate with, or to maintain a Hive Solo account.

How do I get my data from SquidHub into Hive?

Here’s how you can obtain your SquidHub data:

  1. Send an email to: with the following Subject Line: Requesting my SquidHub account data and Hive tasks import

  2. Receive your files from SquidHub: within 24 hours, you will receive two CSV files:

    1. All account data - including your entire SquidHub account data

    2. Hive import - with your tasks in a format matching Hive's. You will then be able to upload this file into your Hive account.

  3. Next, take the Hive import CSV files and import them using this Guide for Importing: Import tasks into Hive.

Which plan is right for me?

Visit our pricing page to review how the base package plus add-ons can be customized. You can toggle on any of the add-ons from Hive Apps, during your 100-day free trial to test-drive them.

Each Hive App tile includes a link to learn more, as shown below:

Can I see a demo of Hive?

Yes! We offer twice-weekly live demos of Hive - you can sign up here:

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