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Introducing Hive University
Introducing Hive University

Get immediate training with online courses, tutorials, and webinars πŸŽ“

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Looking for how to get started or access more in-depth training? We've developed Hive University to make learning Hive simple: watch videos, complete assignments and receive tips on how to get work done now. πŸš€

Hive University is a self-learning platform for those who are looking to learn Hive at their own pace or practice their knowledge. You'll need a Hive account to take courses, but anyone can browse the site! Check it out:`

πŸŽ’ Series of online courses that will help build your knowledge from foundational to advanced topics:

Get up to speed with Hive Basics covering how to navigate Hive, get started and migrate over your work

Continue your learning journey by reviewing how to setup projects, work with everyday apps and get reporting

Become a Hive Pro (coming soon!)

Learn more advanced Hive features to get the most out of Hive

Admin Super Powers (coming soon!)

Power up your workspace with your admin super powers

πŸ” Guidance in setting up your workspace and choosing the right workflows for your team:

Use this guide to get started with setting up your creative workflow in Hive

Learn how to configure the Resourcing module to effectively plan & estimate your team's workload

Learn how to apply structure and organization for even the most complicated projects

Company-wide initiatives exist across companies of all types and sizes. Use this quick-start guide to get started in Hive and optimize your project flow and structure

The key to happy clients? On-time, on-budget, with a dash of collaboration

Get started with the basics of time-tracking & timesheets

πŸ’‘Featuring "Move Faster with Hive" webinar series that dive deeper into specific Hive functionalities to help your team move faster than ever before

Learn the best ways for working with clients in Hive

Learn how many Agile organizations are using Hive

Learn how to set up an intake project for new projects in Hive

Learn 3 of the ways in each the Hive Team uses Hive Notes in their day-to-day

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