The time has come and we're excited to launch our new app - Hive Hangouts! With it, we're bringing even more functionality to Hive because now you're able to jump on instant meetings with your team without having to switch to Zoom or Google Meet.

To start a meeting with your teammate or team, you need to click the transparent camera icon at the top of your chat.

Once you do it, a meeting will start in a new window.

The user or the group of users you're calling will receive the following message to join the meeting.

Once the call has ended, they will also see a similar message.

Hive Hangouts supports both video and voice calling should you prefer to have your video disabled. You can turn off/on your camera as well as mute and unmute yourself by clicking the corresponding icons at the bottom of the window.

You can move the Hangout window across your screen if you need to. Also, the window itself is resizeable so you can make it larger or smaller both horizontally and vertically by dragging it.

Besides, you can share your screen with others if you want to give your team a demo session or just show them something. All you need to do is click the icon with an arrow.

You will receive the option to share your entire screen, one of your windows, or a tab from your browser.

You can customize your video settings and apply a blur effect or use a Hive background. To do that, click the gear icon at the bottom left corner.

In order to leave the meeting, click the red X icon at the bottom right corner of the window.

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