Every action card comes with many ways to add information about the task you want to complete. But many teams have custom data that they need to track. This could include:

  • Budget for a project proposal in a sales project
  • Priority of a task in a software development sprint
  • Link to InVision design in a design project

If you have specific data you want to track, Hive allows you to create custom fields. You can see them in every action card in the project you create the custom field. They are also visible in Table view

Creating a custom field

Here's how to set one up

  1. Go to the project you want to add a custom field
  2. Select 'Details'
  3. Select 'Custom fields'

   4. It will open a modal. Click the link '+Add custom field'
   5. Type the name of the field you want to add and press enter.

  6. Now any action you open will have the field available. 

Editing and deleting custom fields

If you want to get rid of or change your custom fields, it's easy.

  1. Go to 'Details' -> 'Custom fields' in the project you want to change
  2. It should open a modal with a list of your custom fields. 
  3. To edit, select the pencil icon. Type in the changes you want to make to the label and press enter. 
  4. To delete, select the trash icon and confirm the deletion.
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