Trying to move around Hive a little bit faster?  We were thinking of you when we implemented these shortcuts and tricks - and there's more coming soon!

Don't see a shortcut that would really speed things up for you?  Let us know here: - we love the feedback as we continue to add more shortcuts.  

N = New Action

Hit 'N' from anywhere in the app and a new action will open up, ready for you.

Tab = Open Assignee Picker in Action 

Hit <tab> when focused in the action title and the assignee picker will automatically open. Use up and down arrows to navigate to the assignee of your choosing and hit <enter> to assign the action. 

Esc = Close Action Card

Quick-close option for an action card

P = Go to Project Navigator

Hit 'P' from anywhere in the app with action card closed, and be quickly moved to the Project Navigator list.  Start typing to find the name of a project, you're already focused in the project search box!  Once you have a result at the top, hit <enter> to go to the project.

Up / Down Arrow = Navigate to project in Project Navigator

When in project navigator, use the <up arrow> and <down arrow> to scroll through and find the project you're looking for, then hit <enter> to open the project. You can also use the arrows after searching a term in the project search box to scroll through your search results and open the desired project.

Right / Left Arrows = Expand and collapse project hierarchy in Project Navigator

When scrolling in project navigator, you may have nested child projects under parent projects and want to quickly expand to see those projects. Simply hit the <right arrow> and the child projects will expand. Hit the <left arrow> to collapse the child projects. Then you can scroll through the list with your up and down arrows and hit <enter> to open the project.

Up Arrow = Edit your last chat message

You're typing and you made a typo - oops!  Hit <up arrow> to open an edit modal of the last message you posted; 

Command K = Start new Direct Message

From here, type the person's name to find them, hit Enter to create the DM and Enter to close the modal and start the DM.  

Right/Left Arrows in My Actions = Navigate Between Open Actions

While in the My Actions tab, you are able to navigate between open actions by clicking the <right arrow> or <left arrow>. Note: The default setting in the My Actions tab is to group tasks by project. This feature is only available when the tasks are grouped by "None". 

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