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Categorize your actions with labels

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With Labels, you are able to categorize your actions for easy viewing

This is how you can create a label in Hive. 

  • Go to your Avatar, and click on "Settings"


  • Go to "Labels" Tab and create a new label. 

Tips: Just like an action, you can also create labels with relationship. This gives you more organization and flexibility in categorizing your actions. 

Parent and Child Label Relationship 

For example, you can have a set of labels as:
Parent Label: Media Channels
Child Labels: Ad Hoc | SEO | Search | Social 

Quickly add new labels from your tasks

You can also create new labels for your tasks without having to visit a separate modal outside of the action card. Simply press the blue + sign to the right of the "Label" section on your action card, and enter the name of the label you'd like to create.

If this label doesn't already exist, you'll be able to quick-create the label.

From there, you'll be asked to give your label a name and choose a color without leaving the card. You'll also be able to set a parent label as well as add your new label to projects!

Label View

You can easily add a Label view tab to your project to have a visualization on the number of actions under each label. 

  • Go to a project, click on "+" button to create a new Tab 

  • Select Label view, click Add, and you are good to go! 

How labels benefit your Summary View

Summary Views are a powerful tool to customize your view of actions across projects based on labels and/or assignees.

Replace projects with labels to avoid project clutter in your Project Navigator and increase visibility across projects.

Go from this:

To this:

In this example, because we have labels instead of nested projects, we are able to see all actions associated with Digital Media across multiple projects from one view - a Summary View.

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