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Planned Update to API: Sept 1st 2022
Planned Update to API: Sept 1st 2022
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As part of a standard security upgrade, we will be making one significant change to how our API works. Please read below for an important update about what's coming!

What & When

Going forward from September 1st, 2022 we are deprecating "api_key" as a query parameter for any request against our API. This is being done as part of efforts to make Hive more secure.


Instead, of using "api_key" as a query parameter, the same api requests should pass the "api_key" as a header instead. Since our api already currently supports passing "api_key" as a header we recommend making the swap from query parameter to header as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, just react to this article and send us a message, or you can email our Support team at

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