Formulas: Overview
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To start using formulas, you need to be in formula mode. Formula mode needs to be switched on at the field level, and most input fields support formula mode.

To toggle from text mode into formula mode, click formula on the top-right of the input field. This changes the background color to indicate that you are in formula mode. The type icon on the left will also change to the 'fx' icon.

Once a formula is selected, a detailed description of the formula will be provided. This includes an explanation of how to use this formula and examples for how it can be used.

In text mode, text, and pills can be mapped into the input fields easily, and they will result in a text that looks exactly like what is formed. On the other hand, text needs to be explicitly formatted in formula mode.

Let's use an example of a recipe that sends an email with a datapill and text in the body of the email.

In text mode, the message can simply be formed like this:

In formula mode, the text must have proper string syntax:

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