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Nested projects are organized projects
Nested projects are organized projects

Group your projects by client or department to make them easier to find

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When you have a lot of projects in your workspace, it can be tough to find what you're looking for. 

To help with this, you can create a hierarchy of projects within Project Navigator.

Nesting an existing project

  1. Hover over the project you want to nest. Click Edit.

  2. Select the Location project as shown in the screenshot below & save the changes.

Adding a Parent project upon creation

  1. Click '+New' > 'Project'

  2. Name the project & select the Location from the drop-down list

  3. Finish creating the project on the following screens

Navigating between Parent & Child projects

Once you have your parent and children project set up, you can easily jump to seeing all projects together by clicking on the parent project from Project Navigator:

Next, use the project titles to navigate between the projects, as shown here:

That's it! Happy organizing.

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