Using Hive's external users, you can invite individuals to collaborate on projects within Hive.

External users are limited to the actions and messages within the assigned project and do not have access to your entire workspace. Let's dive into more details on the following topics:

What permissions do external users have?

How to add an external user:

Option 1: From 'New' button

  • Click the New > Invite button

  • The Invite New Members window will open. Select the tab that says "External user."

  • Add the email address of the person you want to invite and select the project(s) you want to add them to. After you click send invite, they will now have access to the project you selected.

Option 2: From a project

  • Go to the members modal (within the project click on the project members section on the top left side of the project)

  • Start typing their name or email address in the 'invite' input

  • Choose to add them as an external user

  • Set their access level and click 'Invite'

Note: If you do not have access to invite new members to your Hive workspace, you will not be able to add new external users via the members modal. You will only be able to add existing external users to a new project.

How to convert an external user to a regular user

  1. Go to your profile dropdown

  2. Select Manage users

  3. Select the External User tab

  4. Find the external user in the list, select the drop-down on the right and then 'Convert to full access'

How to remove external users

  1. From the Manage Users tab (see above)

  2. Find the external user and select 'Remove' from the drop-down next to their name

Hide Actions from External users

To make external collaboration even more seamless, you can now toggle on a "hide action" setting on specific action cards with a few clicks. This enables total privacy for your organization while allowing you to remain on top of actions and projects.

To get started, you will first need to enable this feature in project settings. To do that, go to More --> Edit Project, and scroll down to the Action card settings. There you will see the option to 'Hide all actions from external users until they are made visible.'

Once this feature is enabled, all actions in the project will have an external users toggle on the top of the card which indicates if the card is either private to the internal team, or visible to external users. All action cards will be private to the internal team by default.

Action card level visibility for External users โ€“ Figma 2021-01-13 13-45-05

Once the toggle is enabled, external users will be able to see and access the card.

External Users and Hive Messaging:

External Users may direct message with users that are members of projects where they are also a member.

External Users may not be added to group chats, but they will be a member of a group chat created from a project where they are a member. To create a group chat from a project, select that option from the More menu on the project:

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