Hive now gives you the power to create and manage set teams of people across your workspace. No more forgetting which colleagues should be invited to a project! 

Creating a Team
To create a team go to the "Manage users" option under Teams in your avatar menu.

Select "Teams" to search existing teams, Edit or Delete existing teams, or create new teams. 

Note: Only admins or the creator of the team will be able to Edit/Delete teams. 

The "+Create Team" button will open the following options where you can enter a team name and select workspace members to be part of the team.

Adding a Team to a Project or Summary View
To add a team to an existing project,  go to "Edit project" in the More menu. Select 'Specific people' in the Members section and search for the team & invite.

For new projects available teams will also show up in the member list. 

Adding a Team to a Group Chat
Teams can also be added to group chats!

Mentioning a Team in Chats and Comments
If a team has been included in a group chat, you can mention the whole team, and all team members will be notified. Simply type "@" to see a list of group chat members, and select the team! 

You can also @mention teams in comments on action cards - as long as that team is a member of the project.

Removing Users From a Team
To remove a user from a team select "Edit" back under "Manage Users and Teams" to deselect users who no longer should belong to a team.

If you remove someone from a team, they will be removed from all projects and group discussions that the team is a part of. 

To Delete a Team
Select the "Delete" option under "Manage Users and Teams".  If you Delete a team, former team members will still remain part of any project and group discussion that the team was a member of. 

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