Teams in Hive

How to create, manage and use the teams feature in Hive

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Hive now gives you the power to create and manage set teams of people across your workspace. No more forgetting which colleagues should be invited to a project! 

Creating a Team
To create a team go to the "Manage users" option under your avatar menu, and then select 'Teams' along the side panel.

Use the blue 'Create new team' button on the right, as shown below. You will have the option to create either an Internal Team (made up of regular workspace members), or an External Team (made up of external users). You cannot mix & match, however!

The "+Create Team" button will open the following options where you can enter a team name and select workspace members to be part of the team.

Adding a Team to a Project or Summary View
To add a team to an existing project, go to "Edit project" in the More menu and click avatars just beneath "Add project members". Once there, search for the team & invite.

For new projects available teams will also show up in the member list. 

Adding a Team to a Group Chat
Teams can also be added to group chats!

Mentioning a Team in Chats and Comments
If a team has been included in a group chat, you can mention the whole team, and all team members will be notified. Simply type "@" to see a list of group chat members, and select the team! 

You can also @mention teams in comments on action cards - as long as that team is a member of the project.

Removing Users From a Team
To remove a user from a team select the "Edit pencil" back under "Manage Users and Teams" to deselect users who no longer should belong to a team.

If you remove someone from a team, they will be removed from all projects and group discussions that the team is a part of. 

To Delete a Team
Select the "Delete" option under "Manage Users and Teams".  If you Delete a team, former team members will still remain part of any project and group discussion that the team was a member of. 

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