In Hive, you can create custom forms that anyone can fill out in their browser. Submitted forms automatically create an action card in Hive with all the form details.

Some great uses for Hive forms can include:

  • collecting orders or requests

  • submitting bugs and other issues

  • gathering structuring information from employees (e.g. contact info)

  • and much more!

How to create

  • Enable "Forms" from "Hive Apps" if it's not already enabled

  • Select "Forms"

  • Click "+New Form"

  • Add a title and description

  • Drag and drop the fields you want to add to the form

There are 12 different fields and 3 dynamic fields you can add to a Hive form:

Checkbox Group 

Date Field

File Upload (can support any type of file)



Radio Group


Text Field

Text Area


The ruler tool is great for visually breaking up fields in the form. 



Depending on which field you choose, you have the option to make it required, add help text, set a max character length, and other customizations.

  • Add confirmation message

This is the message that the person will see after they submit the form.

  • Set where you want to submit the form 

Once someone has submitted a form, the data can go one of two places:

Email  - you can provide an email and all the information provided in the form will arrive in that inbox. See below.

Hive Action - it will automatically create an action in Hive in the project and assigned to the person you select. It will look like this.

Each form come with a link that you can share or post on a website. 

To access the link, scroll to the top of the form and you will see a white box with a link. Click the button "copy" to save it to your clipboard.

When a person clicks on the form, they will be taken to a web page that looks something like this.

There they can fill out and submit their information.

The "Form" feature is definitely an awesome way to get things done!

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