Good communication is critical to the success of any team.

Hive makes it easy to start a conversation with either a group or a specific individual. Whether you want to celebrate a milestone, discuss a project, or even gossip, Hive's native messenger has got you covered!

Sending a direct message

  1. Click on "New Message" button at the bottom left-hand corner

  2. Search for a team member to message.

  3. Click start messaging

Note: You can invite a person who is not in the workspace by clicking the "Invite new user."

Create a messaging group

  1. Click on the "New Message" button at the bottom left-hand corner

  2. Click on the "Group message" tab

  3. You can search existing group chats or create new group

If you are creating a new group, click on the hyperlink to do so at the bottom.

  1. Give the group a name

  2. Search for teams or people to add to the group

  3. Create group

Hive's tip: 

  1. You can add messaging groups by department/team (e.g., Marketing, Sales, Finance), by project (e.g., Brand Relaunch, Tech Conference) or by activity (e.g., Happy Hour).

  2. You can also add automated messages from other tools you use (e.g., twitter updates). Simply go to settings and click integration. It will take you to Zapier, a web automation tool that connects Hive to over 1,000 other apps. 

Share an Action
You have the ability to quickly share an action in a chat message by selecting an action and dragging it into the chat window.

Upload and Share Files

Easily share files via chat by clicking on the '+' icon in the chat window and choosing a file from your computer or one of your connected file storage systems.  

Send an annomated gif

Send an animated gif through the Hive instant messaging chat. To do this type '/giphy' and then the key word that you would like to send. From there you can browser from a list of available gifs to send in the message:

Hiding Hive messaging

If your team prefers to work in Hive without messaging, you can hide it from your workspace dashboard.

All you have to do is go to Hive apps and deselect Hive messaging from the workspace apps. 

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