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Stress-free events with Hive
Stress-free events with Hive

Plan your events from every angle with flexible layouts in Hive

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Keeping track of hundreds of small, necessary details can throw off the organizational skills of even the most well-intentioned team.  It's that moment - on the day of the event no less - of staring at your colleague and saying, "I thought you were picking up the catering order."

How does that happen?  

Most event planning teams rely on spreadsheets. They're great at organizing the details, but not good for:

  • Quick status

  • Comments & updates

  • Assigning action items

  • Tagging and categorizing

Check out Hive's template for running events, in 3 different layouts:

Table View Layout

  • All columns can be filtered and sorted and dragged into preferred position in the table

  • Custom fields (in this case, we added Selection and Text Field) are included as columns in the table

  • Easy changes to dates, assignees, labels - without opening the action card

Calendar View Layout

The same information - but now quickly see what's coming up in the next week and how events are planned in relation to each other.  

Status View Layout

Next, see the Events coming up by status to see what's already in progress with planning, and what might be lagging behind.

Keep Updates together, and everyone informed

Use the comments on the action card to let everyone know about those details that always come up in the days and weeks before the event:

With flexible layouts, comments in the context of the event, and the ease a spreadsheet but in a collaborative tool, you'll keep a better handle on all the aspects of planning events!

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