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Streamlining new employee on-boarding with Hive
Streamlining new employee on-boarding with Hive

How to use Hive to plan for new hires joining your team

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You've found the right candidate to join your team, and they have accepted your offer of employment - success!  Help is on the way for your long to-do list.  

With all the careful planning to screen and hire your new employee, don't let that momentum go after they accept the offer.  Lay the groundwork for them to have a great first day on the job and beyond by using Hive to power their on-boarding through these steps:

  1. Plan Ahead - create a new hire action template to collect all the steps and respective owners for each aspect of the new hire joining, and put all of these new employee prep steps into a single project

  2. Welcome & Introduce - on the employee's first day, post a welcome message including bio and picture to the Hive newsfeed - the perfect opportunity for everyone to learn a bit about the new employee before running into them in the break room.

  3. Build a New Hire Curriculum - use a Hive project, shared with just your new employee, to guide them through their first week on the job with simple learning checklists

Now let's dive into each step!

Plan Ahead - Create your New Hire Project and Action Template

Step 1: Brainstorm all the items that need to be prepared for a successful first day at your company.  

 Think about:

  • What computer & equipment will they need?  Who orders it, does it need approval?  Does your new employee have input to which equipment they would prefer?

  • Which accounts and software do they need to be invited to?  Does this depend on them having an activated email address - how far in advance do you need that step completed?

  • What standing meetings do you have set up that they will need to be invited to?  These are easy to miss, because they are just routine, but don't forget - scan your calendar and look for everything!

  • Do you have any office ritual for welcoming a new employee, like a team lunch?  Who usually orders the food or makes the lunch reservation, or reserves the conference room?  How much advance notice should you give for the catering or the lunch reservation for the rest of your team to attend in full force?

  • If your company has any type of "company swag" for new employees (branded notebooks, t-shirt, etc), it can sometimes unexpectedly be out of stock, so plan in advance to check on this and get it ready

  • What meetings will you want to have set up on their first day, and how much notice should you give those other attendees so they are prepared and welcoming your new hire without being rushed or inconvenienced about a last-minute request to run your new hire through their Marketing 2018 plan?

Great, so now you have a list!

Step 2: Create an action template with your steps, so it happens like clockwork every time.  And so that you can check if each step is completed.  

Step 3: Enter a card for each New Hire when they are confirmed to be starting, and apply the action template

Now you're all set to track all the steps for getting prepared for this new person!

We recommend that:

  • Each new hire is on an action card

  • Due date of the action card = their start date

  • Create custom statues to manage the progress of your new hire

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