At Hive, we aim to make it a seamless as possible for teams to work together and integrate with other existing tools like Salesforce through Zapier (more information on our partnership and how to get started with Zapier here ).  

  1. Select "Make a Zap" 
  2. Choose "Salesforce" (Note: Salesforce is a premium option on Zapier) 
  3. Select Trigger in Salesforce. A "Trigger" is the piece of information that will prompt an action in Hive. 
  4. Connect to your Salesforce account by using your Salesforce login 
  5. Follow additional steps depending on the chosen Trigger 
  6. Choose Hive as the Action App 
  7. Select Action (this is what the "Trigger" will prompt in Hive). Available actions include:

    - Trigger Action Template:  Creates a new action template in your Hive workspace
    - Create Action for a Project: Creates an action in an existing project
    - Create Action for Workspace:  Creates a new action in the workspace, not linked to a specific project
    - Create Message: Creates a new message in Hive
    - Copy Project: Creates a copy of a project 

Example of How to Use This Integration: Creating a New Project from a Templated Project

A Marketing agency has set up a templated project  in Hive that with standard actions, due dates, and assignees that they use for every new customer that is onboarded.

When a new customer comes on, the Project Manager copies this templated project and adjusts the Project name for the new customer and the due date. 

All new sales flow through Salesforce, so this was a manual step the Project Manager had to take. To increase efficiency, they set up a Zapier integration with Salesforce. 

They used a trigger for "Opportunity Stage Change" to tell Zapier that whenever the Opportunity Stage changed to "Onboarding" that Hive would copy the Templated Project and change the project name to the Salesforce account name. 

Zapier only uses field names that are valid in your Salesforce Account and data available from your Hive account - so everyone's Zap's could look different! 

For assistance on setting up your Salesforce integration into Hive you can reach out to 

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