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A Quick Guide to Hive Analytics
A Quick Guide to Hive Analytics

Simple tutorials for navigating dashboards, applying filters, and modifying widgets.

Written by Madalynn Morningstar
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the Quick Guide to Hive Analytics! In this article you will find everything you need to get started in the Analytics app.

  1. Open Analytics
    Analytics can be found inside of the Apps Library.

  2. Navigate to different dashboards
    You can navigate to different dashboards using the left panel inside of the Analytics app. Your dashboards are organized by content into three folders: Financial Analytics, Project Analytics, and Time Analytics. Our two most versatile dashboards, Workspace Overview and Late Actions Report, exist outside of these folders.

  3. Apply filters
    Filters can be found in the right panel inside of the Analytics app. The available filters on a dashboard will vary depending on the content being shown. The most basic filters, like Projects or Assignees, will have the option to select or de-select values or create a "contains" or "does not contain" statement to filter by. Date filters will have the option to filter by specific years, months, quarters, or days, a chosen date range inside of a calendar, or specific timeframes like "This Year" or "This and Last Quarter".

    A filter can be disabled by flipping the switch in the lower right hand corner of its menu.

    You can also filter on values by clicking into them on a chart.

    Do not worry if you accidentally over-filter your data! You can always reset your filters by clicking on the arrow at the top of the filters panel.

  4. Modify widgets
    Some of our dashboards contain special widgets that have the ability to change what field is being visualized. For any widget with a star in its title, you can right-click into the widget to modify it.

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