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Reviewing Files in Hive: A Quick How-To Guide
Reviewing Files in Hive: A Quick How-To Guide

Received a file to review in your inbox? Follow the steps below to learn more about how to give your feedback.

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As an external approver, you just received an email with the subject line "New Approval Request from [First Name] [Last Name]" and you do not have a Hive account.(but that's ok!) Follow along for the steps to take to review the file.

Step 1: Open the File

  • Click on the View proof in the email

Step 2: Add your comments

You (as an External Approver) can do the following:

  • Annotate:

    • Highlight text

    • Add a box

    • Create a text box

    • Draw

    • Add a Comment

    • Underline text

    • Insert Callout

  • Add Shape

  • Insert:

    • Insert Stamp

    • Attach File

  • Measure:

    • Add measurement

  • And much more like @ mentioning the requester in the comment!

You can view this image as an example.

Step 3: Make your decision

Once you're done reviewing the file you have 3 choices: Approve, Approve with Changes, or Request Changes.

Clicking either of these three buttons will conclude their approval and send the proof back to the original requester and update the original requester with the choice they made.

Step 4: Done!

  • The user who requested the approval has been notified of your decision!

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