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Kanban Board (i.e. Status View)
Kanban Board (i.e. Status View)

A powerful visual tool to manage your work!

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A Kanban board is a powerful workflow visualization tool. Tasks are represented by cards that are organized in lists. Each list represents a step in a work process. 

Simply drag and drop the cards around different status columns as they move through the process. (Think sticky-notes or post-its). 

It is perfect for visual thinkers.

You can create Kanban boards in Hive by using Status View.

Creating a Kanban Board

  1. Go to "Project Navigator", click "+New Project"

  2. Enter project details and invite team members

  3. Select Status View as the project layout

  4. Press "Create" and it should open directly to your new project in Kanban

Editing your Kanban Board

Hive Status View comes with three default statuses: unstarted, in progress, and completed. 

But you can change any status and add as many as you want. That way your team can customize it to their needs.


The possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of how you can organize your team's Kanban board.

Old school kanban view
SprintBacklog -> Ready to do -> In Progress -> Done

Idea Generation
Use it for anything! From getting inspiration, to tracking

Tips in Kanban View

Moving multiple action cards at the same time - You can move multiple actions by holding down CTRL/COMMAND, clicking on each action card, then moving the action card by dragging them.

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