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Manage All Your Action Card Statuses in the Status Library
Manage All Your Action Card Statuses in the Status Library

Find and manage which action card statuses are used in which projects - with ease!

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We've built a place where you can locate all of your statuses that are used across all projects in Hive, in one place. If you have ever wondered which project uses "In Review" versus "in review" - you can now find your answers.

Note: This feature is only available to the Admin of a workspace. If you need to access this feature, please reach out to your Admin for assistance.

  1. To access this feature, click your profile picture. Select Settings.

  2. Navigate to "Custom statuses"

Once you're there, you can see all of your Action card statuses & Project statuses that are being used in your workspace:

Not only can you see your statuses but you can also update your custom action statuses across multiple projects/templates by clicking in the 'Used in' column:

Q: What happens to the actions that are under the deleted status?

A: They will automatically be moved to the Unstarted status!

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