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To view and update your workspace features, head to your profile dropdown, then Workspace Settings, and go to the Settings tab.

While all users can view these settings, only workspace admins can adjust them. If you are not an admin in your workspace, please reach out to your admin if you would like to request changes! See: Who are my Admins?

Here is a breakdown of what these settings do:

General Settings

Workspace Name

  • You can customize the title of your workspace!

Workspace Logo

  • 120 x 20 or 600 x 120 is the recommended size for the workspace logo.

Working Week

  • Monday-Friday: Weekends will be considered Saturday & Sunday

  • Sunday-Thursday: Weekends will be considered Friday & Saturday

  • Monday-Thursday: Weekends will be considered Friday & Saturday & Sunday

Holiday Schedule



  • Show private actions: When selected, private actions will be visible in their associated projects for assignees. When deselected, private actions will only be visible in the My Actions for assignees

  • Show project ID: auto-generates a Project ID code for each project. Read more here

  • Hide project budgets from members and external users: When selected, only project owners will be able to see the project budget.

Action Default Settings

Subaction update prompt

Subaction prompts show when a change is made to an action card that could be applied to its subactions such as assignee, status, or label changes.

  • When selected, users will be prompted to choose if they want to apply the changes to the subactions or not.

  • When unselected, the prompt will not be shown and the changes will not be applied to the subactions.

Once a workspace Admin selects or deselects this setting, it will automatically be the default for the entire workspace.

Project Default Settings

By default, new blank projects created in the workspace will inherit these settings.

Allow actions to be assigned on weekends

  • If checked, action cards may be scheduled (start or due date) on weekends. If unchecked, action cards may not be scheduled on weekends and weekends will appear grayed out in the date picker.

    • This workspace-wide setting will be the default for any new projects created going forward.

    • The project-level setting will override this workspace setting if differs. For example, you have unchecked this setting here at the workspace level because your teams never work on the weekend, however, a new event project is started that requires weekend work. In the project settings for the event project, you may select 'allow actions to be assigned on weekends' and this will override the workspace setting, allowing the team to select weekend due dates.

Show completed subactions by default

  • If checked, the completed subactions will always show in the project.

    • This setting can also be turned on/off at a project level.

Kanban View

  • Select how you want subactions to show up in Kanban views. You can choose not to show subactions, show all subactions at all times and show subactions when they are in a different column from their parent action.

Automatically add teams to projects

  • Will automatically add the selected team or teams to any new projects created in the workspace. Very helpful if there is a group that should be able to see all projects created!

Gantt Auto-scheduling

  • Select how each new project created will have the auto-scheduling set: Off, On or Strict.


  • Choose which custom status will automatically be enabled in a new project!

  • Unstarted & Completed will always be included.

Custom fields

  • Choose which project custom field to enable in a new project

Move approvals to next stage when

  • You can select the default for all approval routes created in the workspace: all approvers respond, or all approvers approve.

Apps that are turned on for projects by default

  • You can choose to enable Time-tracking, Proofing & Approvals, or Agile app to be enabled in a new blank project.

Timesheets approvers

  • This setting will determine where the submitted Timesheet will go for approval.
    Selecting Manager will route the Timesheet to the user's Manage for approval and selecting Project Owner will route the Timesheet to the project's owner for approval.


See which apps are turned on in your workspace from here, and adjust settings related to these apps in this section.



  • Everyone (default) or Specific people - This setting will only allow everyone to access the Analytics app or specific users.

Proofing & Approvals

Enable Proof Annotation Numbering

  • Adds numbers to each annotation comment in proofing

Enable Proof Auto Versioning

  • Adds numbers to each version of a proof uploaded

Allow read-only members to access

  • If checked, read-only project members can view proofs, add comments & be routed approvals


Link group chats and project view switching

  • If selected, when you click into a project’s group chat, the project will open up.

Enable the "Everyone" group

  • Enables Everyone chat group with all workspace members


Show subaction time on parent actions

  • Will summarize time between subaction & parent actions for time-tracked & estimated on the action card


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