Start by enabling Timetracking in Hive Apps!

Hive time tracking now allows you to record how long your work takes - in the same place you manage what you have to do. 

You no longer have to switch apps to keep track of time. In Hive, it's right there in the action card.

Even better, team leaders can access timesheet reports that make it easy for them to see the big picture. This visibility helps keep projects on budget and prevents overwork.

This  feature is currently available for admins to add to their workspace. Instructions for adding time tracking are at the bottom of this article

Add Time Estimates

When creating an action, you can now also add a time estimate. This allows you to set expectations for the person working on the task and easily spot time overruns.

To add a time estimate:

  • Open the action card that needs a time estimate
  • Click the dropdown next to "Estimate"
  • Enter the time and press Save

Record Time

When you are working on an action, you can add your time right in the card. 

You add time by editing the 'Total' time or by using the time recorder

  1. To add time by editing 'Total' time:
  • Open the action card that needs a time record
  • Click the plus icon next to "Total"
  • Enter the time spent and the date
  • If your organization is using time categories, you can select the appropriate category for the time you are tracking here
  • Enter a brief description of what you were working on (optional)
  • Press Save

   2. To add time using the time recorder:

  • Open the action card that needs a time record
  • Click the green plus button to the right of the plus icon next to "Total"
  • Time will automatically record
  • Click the stop button, and time will automatically save to the total time spent on the action (you can also move around Hive while the timer is on and see the timer at the top of your Hive screen)

Once you've added time, you can see the time spent and estimate on the front of the action card. At a glance, you can see how an action is progressing.

Review and delete time entries

You can enter multiple entries each day or multiple times a day as needed. 

To review, just click the drop down. It will list all the team members who added time on the card. You can click in to see specifics of each individual entry. 

To delete a time entry, just hover over it and click the trash button.


As your team enters their time, team leaders can see their progress in the timesheet report.

To access it, click the clock icon on the top of the action panel.

In this report you can:

  • See time tracked vs. time estimated
  • Expand to see time spent on each task
  • Filter by project 
  • Filter by team
  • Filter by individual team member
  • Define the time period over which you want to see time tracked 
  • Export your report to excel

Enable Time Tracking

To access time tracking:

  • Go to the Hive main menu
  • Select "Hive Apps" 
  • Toggle "Time-Tracking" in the Workspace Apps section.

Only administrators can enable time tracking. If you are not an administrator, you will need yours to enable it for you.

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