Meet the Hive action card

Learn the basics about action cards.

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The action card is your home base for important details and collaboration.

The card makes it easy to quickly gather the most important details of any assignment. In the right column you’ll see who is assigned to the action, when it’s due, and what the card’s status is.

The top bar of the action card tells you which project it’s in, and the bar’s color represents the project color. Move the card to a new project by clicking on the caret next to the project’s name.

To mark your card as urgent, access action templates, or convert your action, head over to the more menu at the top of the card.

Please note that it's possible to change your action's status color. All you need to do is to open up the statuses dropdown and hit the pencil icon next to the status you want to change the color for.

Note: since this is a global setting, the color will be changed in every action card with that status in your workspace. Keep this in mind when changing common statues like "In Progress" or "Completed".

Quickly share, delete, archive, or add followers to your action from the bottom right of the card.

Following the card means you will get notifications in your activity feed for things like comments, status updates, and date changes. Assignees will automatically become followers.

Use the comments section on the bottom left of the card to collaborate with your teammates. When you @mention someone, they will automatically be added as a follower. You can use the @action and @project shortcuts to automatically send a direct mention notification to all action card followers, and all project members, respectively.

To see a history of your card, click on show history at the bottom left of the card.

Finally, if you would like to adjust the Hive Apps that are visible on your action cards, head to the Edit Project screen (More > Edit Project > Advanced settings) and select which Apps should appear for this project:

Note: the options available will depend on which Hive Apps you have turned on or connected in your workspace.

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