To enable Resourcing, start by clicking Apps in the left sidebar. Scroll down this list and toggle on "Resourcing". If you are an Enterprise team, this will already be active! For non-enterprise teams, only admins are able to enable to this add-on - If you'd like to trial resourcing, speak with your workspace admin to enable it up to 14 days at no charge.

In this dashboard, users of your workspace will be able to see their personalized schedule. Managers can also use this dashboard to see any resources that they have booked or want to book.

Getting Started

To make use of the Resourcing feature, Actions will need to have some key criteria met to display:

  • Assignee

  • Estimate

  • Due Date (and start date if spanning multiple days)

Based on this information, the Action will be plotted onto the Resourcing dashboard and calculate the amount of estimated time totaling for each time frame.

With Assignees, Estimates, and Due Dates applied to actions, the Resourcing dashboard begins to reflect the team's workload over time. The percentages will show the workload for each day, and the timeframes for these percentages can be adjusted using a dropdown in the top right, that is defaulted to "Days".

Set Team Member Capacities

By default, these percentages are based a working day being 8 hours per day. To adjust the maximum number of working hours for an individual, click on a Team member's name on the left side of the dashboard. Near the end of the card there is an Availability section. You can set a date range for a custom availability, and then add the values here.

Show Utilization by Percentage or Hours

Utilization is the measurement of hours scheduled per day vs. the team member's capacity. When a team member's utilization is within capacity, you will see blue. When a team member's utilization is above their capacity, you will see red, indicating this work needs to be re-balanced.

This can be shown in a number of hours:

or in percentages:

To update whether the Resourcing dashboard shows Utilization in hours or in percentages, make sure you're in the Resourcer and click on the Settings gear in the top right. Select the General tab at the very bottom, and you will see an option with radio buttons for Hours and Percentage. Select your preferred options and close this window. If you cannot see this gear, speak with your workspace admin.

Set Holidays in Resourcing

To make sure holidays are set up in Resourcing, click on your Avatar in the top right of your Hive window, and go to Workspace Settings. Enable the calendar with the checkbox, and click the Customize calendar button to add holidays.

Enter a name and date for the Holiday and click the Add Holiday button.

Resourcing Tips

  1. Color-code your projects!

    When the Resourcing dashboard is populated with actions across all of your projects, it can be difficult to see at a glance what you're working on today. Find a color-coding method that works well for your organization and team, and experience better readability in Resourcing.

  2. Make Projects with Scheduled Actions Public

    Users will only see actions in projects where they have access, so team members scheduling work need to see all actions to make sure someone isn't unintentionally overbooked. Where possible, we recommend making your projects Public. External users will not be able to see these Public projects unless they have specifically been provided access.

Do you still have a question about Hive's Resourcing App? Navigate up to that Blue Question-mark button up in the top right, and start a conversation with our Customer Success Team!

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