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Hide certain actions from external users
Hide certain actions from external users

Choose which actions are visible to external users in a project

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Ever get the feeling that some actions in your project just aren't meant for external collaborators? Maybe you're collaborating with a freelancer, or don't want a client to see a specific action around billing or a pending issue.

Now you can toggle on a "hide action" setting with a few clicks. This enables total privacy for your organization while allowing you to remain on top of actions and projects.

Project settings

You will first need to enable this feature in project settings. To do that, go to More --> Edit Project, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see the option to 'Hide all actions from external users until they become visible.'

Action cards

Once this feature is enabled, all actions in the project will have an external users toggle on the top of the card which indicates if the card is either private to the internal team, or public to external users. All action cards will be private to the internal team by default.

Once the toggle is enabled, external users will be able to see and access the card.


Q: What happens to my subactions if I make an action public/private?

A: All subactions will inherit the visibility of the parent action. If you make a parent action public, the subactions will be public as well. The same logic will be applied when making an action private. On the other hand, if you make a single subaction public, it will only change the subaction not the entire action 'family'.

Q: Can an external user be assigned to a private action card?

A: No, external users are removed from the people picker if the action is private. However, if a public action is assigned to an external user and the action later becomes private, the card will still be assigned to the external user.

Q: Who can make cards public or private?

A: All full access members of the project will be able to change action card visibility.

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