• Drag and drop your Hive actions to our Slack panel to share them in Slack with all the key details
  • Create Hive actions from Slack using /hive action slash command

With this integration, your chat and actions are better connected than ever! Check it out:

And here's a step by step guide to doing it yourself:

Add the Hive app in Slack

First, you need to add the Hive app within Slack. To do that, you:

  1. Open Slack and go to 'Apps'
  2. Search for the Hive app and click 'Add'
  3. Choose 'Add to Slack'
  4. Scroll down on the newly opened Hive page and choose 'Add to Slack'
  5. Choose 'Allow'

Connecting to your Slack account

Then, connect your Slack account in Hive.

  1. Go to the Hive main menu under your profile
  2. Select "Hive apps"
  3. At the top, you will see the Slack logo, click it to connect
  4. It will open a new window where you sign into your Slack account, select the team you want to connect, and authorize the account
  5. You're done! Now, you are connected to Slack :)

Share a Hive Action in Slack

Next, you will want to share your first action in Slack. Here's how:

  1. Go to the messaging panel
  2. Click 'Switch to Slack' and the bottom of the left-hand message panel, and the message panel will refresh to show a list of all Slack channels and team members
  3. Drag an action over the name of the Slack channel or person you want to know about the action
  4. Boom! Magically, all the details of your action appear in Slack

Creating Hive Actions in SlackĀ 

Finally, you will want to make actions in Slack using slash commands. Whenever you are chatting with someone in Slack, you can now turn it into actionable next steps! It's so easy to do:

  1. In Slack, click on the person you want to create an action for
  2. Type "/hive action" and the title of the action you want to create and press enter
  3. That's it! The action will automatically appear on that person's My Action list!

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