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Multiple conditions in Salesforce triggers
Multiple conditions in Salesforce triggers

Use multiple conditions to automate when Hive projects and actions are created

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Once you have the Hive and Salesforce integration set up, you can create triggers with multiple conditions. This allows you to have more granular control over when Hive creates a project or action.

For example, let's say a team wants to create a Hive project using a particular template for new sales opportunities where in SalesForce:

  • the stage is "Closed Won" AND

  • the amount is between $50,000 AND $100,000

We can set these to be the conditions that trigger a new Hive project.

  1. Go to the "Salesforce" page within Hive (in Hive Apps)

  2. Click "Add new trigger"

  3. Specify the conditions from Salesforce that must be met in order for an action to be made in Hive

  4. Select whether Hive creates a project or action

  5. Click "Complete and add trigger"

When the conditions are met in Salesforce, Hive will automatically create a project or action as specified in the trigger.

In this example, we used multiple conditions joined by the "And" operator. Conditions can also be joined by the "Or" operator. The fields available for your conditions are based on what is in your Salesforce configuration and compatible with Hive (picklist, string, int, double, boolean, currency, percent, and date-time).

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