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Milestones are an easy way to track major accomplishments in your project. They are generally used as an indicator to call out a significant event or key date on your Gantt Chart, such as a project launch, key deliverable, or presentation date.

Milestones are shown as a diamond on Gantt chart

How to turn an action into a milestone

Within the action card, click the More menu > Mark as milestone.


Q: Can I turn a recurring action into a milestone?

A: Yes, you can!

Q: I've turned my action card into a milestone, but it's not showing up on my Gantt chart. Why is that?

A: Most likely, it's because your action card doesn't have a date entered yet. The milestone's action card must have a due date in order for it to appear on the Gantt chart.

Q: How do milestones stand out in layouts other than Gantt?

A: In Table view, milestones will appear highlighted yellow. In Status, Team, and Label views, the milestone flag will appear on the face of the action card.

Get an overview of all milestones using a Summary View:

On any summary view creation modal, select the 'Show only milestones' option to see just the milestone actions displayed:

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