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Easily undo changes made in Gantt chart

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We all make mistakes, that's why we've added the ability to undo your recent changes in Gantt.

You can find the option to undo in the bottom right corner of your Gantt chart. If you accidentally update the date of an action card and all of the actions in your project get shifted as a result, easily correct this by clicking 'Undo'.

What is included in Undo?

Please note, not every change that you make has the ability to be undone. Undo only applies to the changes you make on the Gantt chart. This includes:

  • Start date changes

  • End date changes

  • Action title changes

  • Adding/removing/updating predecessors

  • Changing an action into a subaction or vice versa (via click and drag in Gantt grid)

  • Adding a new action or subaction

This does not include:

  • Assignee changes

  • Deleting an action card

  • Changes made to an action while the action card is open

A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Undo is not currently available if action card date sync is turned on in your project.

  • We only keep track of the last ten changes you've made in Gantt.

  • Undo memory is cleared as soon as you leave Gantt. If you switch layouts and come back, you will not be able to undo changes that you made in a previous Gantt session.

Feedback on this feature? Share your thoughts on our feedback page.


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