Gantt charts have been around for a long time - what was missing was the ability to actually use the Gantt chart to execute your project.

With Gantt charts, Hive allows you to plan and execute your project, all in the same tool. Let's take a look.

Create a Project in Gantt View

  • Go to the project navigator and select +New Project

  • Give it a title and add description, due date, and attachments as needed

  • Select sharing settings (you can read more about that here)

  • Choose 'Gantt View' as your project layout and select create

  • It should open your new Gantt project. Click +Add an action, type the name, and press enter. Just click in the Gantt chart to give it a start date and deadline. See it action in the gif below.

  • In no time, your project plan is all set up! 

Updating Gantt View

Once you've created a Gantt view, there are lots of ways to customize it for your needs.

Changing the timeline

Gantt view is defaulted to show you a timeline of several months, but you can change it. You can zoom in to look a a few weeks or zoom out to look at a project over a whole year.

Going full screen

If you want to make your Gantt view bigger, you can expand it to cover your whole screen.

Changing assignees

Marking complete

Hiding subactions

Add Dependencies

Click circle and drag to the beginning of the next action

Expand All

Expand all actions and subactions at once.


From Gantt view you can export to PDF, PNG, Microsoft Project, and Excel, as well as limit the date range and hide assignees on the image exports.  

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