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Easily bring a project plan into Hive

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If you have an existing plan in Microsoft Project, you can import it into Hive, just be sure to follow these steps:

First, export the project plan from MS Project:

  1. File > Save as

  2. Change file type to CSV

  3. Select the option to 'use new mapping' and see below for the mapping

Next, set the Mapping in MS Project.  
The sample map we will want is as follows (MS Project ==> Hive):

  • Name ==> Title

  • Start Date ==> Start Date

  • Finish ==> End Date

  • Notes ==> Description

  • Status ==> Status

  • WBS ==> WBS

  • Predecessors ==> Predecessors

  • Milestone ==> Milestone

Lastly, import the project into Hive:

  1. Double check the CSV file you exported from MS project looks correct

  2. Add any additional columns to the CSV you want (like "assignees" or custom fields if you'd like).  'Assignees' should to be the name of the column, and the values are a comma-separated list of email addresses of users in Hive.

  3. Rename the CSV file to whatever you want the project name to be

  4. Import the CSV as you would do any normal CSV import into Hive.  Select 'Import tasks' then attach the CSV using the CSV option:

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