Watch this overview video, or read on below for the step-by-step of importing your work into Hive, or read on below for the CSV specifics.


You can easily import tasks from a CSV file into a Hive project. To begin, download a sample CSV by going to your profile dropdown, then Import tasks, and selecting Import CSV. Then, fill out the following columns with your project details.

Specific Instructions for CSV File

Title: This corresponds to your action card title. Please note, this field is required, all others are optional.

Start date: The start date of the action. If providing a Start Date, you must also provide a Due Date.

Due Date: The deadline for your action.

Assignees: The email address of the person responsible for completing the action. If there are multiple assignees, please separate each email address using commas.

Description: Maps to the action card description.

Status: Will default to Unstarted if nothing else is entered.

Parent/WBS: Use to create a subaction. The value in this column should exactly match a value in the Title column.

Milestone: If you list “true” or “yes”, the action in that row will become a milestone.

Phase: Maps to the project phase.

Predecessors: Creates a dependency between actions. If adding a Predecessors column, you’ll also want to add a column titled WBS. Number the actions in the WBS column and reference those WBS values to indicate your predecessors.

Note: Any columns you create that do not match one of the above fields will create a custom field on the project.

Once you’ve completed your CSV file:

  1. Name it with your desired project title.

  2. Go to your profile dropdown menu, then Import tasks, and select Import CSV.

  3. Click the link to attach your file, then click Upload files, and you’re all set.

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