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Import tasks into Hive

How to add your tasks from previous Trello, Asana, or Basecamp accounts into Hive

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Getting started in Hive is much easier when you can copy in your tasks from your previous tool. Plus, it only takes a minute to do.

Here's how:

  1.  Open up the avatar menu in the top right Hive & select "Import tasks"

2.  Select the tool you want to import from

3. Follow the instructions to download your .JSON file onto your computer from the tool you selected, or use the CSV import options.

  4. Click the "Click here to attach" link and add the .JSON/CSV file

  5. You're done! Shortly your tasks will appear in Hive.

Note that each individual file will import as a single project in Hive. You can import multiple files (projects) at once by selecting multiple files when you are attaching the import files.

When importing a CSV file, you also have the option to import your work into the existing project in your workspace. It'll allow you to merge tasks and other information from outside sources into your project without having to manually re-create actions.

When importing the JSON common fields will map as follows:

Name: This corresponds to your action card title.

Notes: Maps to the action card description.

Assignee: The person responsible for completing the action.

Completed: Will set a completed status on your action.

Completed_at: The date which the action was completed.

Due_on: The deadline for your action.

Due_at: The deadline time for your action.

Followers: The followers of your action.

Parent: Use to create a sub-action. The value in this column should exactly match a value in the Title column.

Tags: Will tag actions with labels.

Modified_at: The date the action was modified.

Created_at: The date the action was created.

Note: Any columns you create that do not match one of the above fields will create a custom field on the project.

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