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Proofing and approvals with external approvers
Proofing and approvals with external approvers
Easily share proofs and request approval from users outside of Hive
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You can request approval on files from Hive and non-Hive users. This can save email back-and-forth and ensure clear responses from individuals outside your organization, such as clients and vendors. All you need is their email address!

First, open a card and click "Add proof" to upload a file (e.g., a mockup, presentation) as a proof:

Note: External approvers can only be added to rounds if a proof is present.

Next, select approvers you'd like on the card. To add an approver who is not in Hive, click "Add an external approver" and enter their email address:

When you click "Request approval", external approvers will receive an email notifying them that their approval is requested. The email will include a link to view the proof, where they can annotate, add comments, and approve or require changes. 

Adding an email as an external approver will not grant them access to the action card or any of your projects, but you can track the status of their approval in the card and see their comments when you open the proof.

Send reminder emails

You can resend a request for approval email to an external user to remind approvers of their outstanding proof requests

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