Trying to keep your finger on the pulse of all current approval rounds within your team, and there's too many for you to keep jumping between different projects & action cards? We have the solution: Approvals Reporting.

What is this?

This is a new, stand-alone Hive App created specifically to see a dashboard summary of all current approvals across your projects, so you can view:

  • Who is the current approver

  • What is the status of their response: Awaiting, Approved or Changes Requested

  • How long have they had this approval sitting with them?

  • Which round & stage are we on?

  • Which file is currently being reviewed?

  • Which action card should I jump to to see more information?

Below, we answer some common questions on this new view!

How do I enable Approvals Reporting?

From Hive Apps. Same as the other Hive Apps, to get this in your navigation sidebar, this must be:

  • Enabled by your workspace admin (toggled on)

  • Pinned by you

Could you give me a quick tour?


Step one: Select the projects that you want to see, that have active approval rounds:

Step two: add any project details you would like to view. In this case, I'll add Project Owner and Status (these are optional!):

Step three: Check out all the details you can see here:

  1. Step = The action card where the approval is happening. Click on this title to open the action card directly!

  2. File = The title of the active proof

  3. Stage = The title of the current stage where approval is happening (tip: if you rename the Stage, that name will appear here!)

  4. Round # = The current round

  5. Approver = Name of the current approver. Tip: Yellow means Awaiting, Green means Approved, Red means Changes Requested.

  6. Stage Start = When did this person get this request?

Wait, my approvals don't show - why not?

Are your active approvals there? If not, head to the project and check:

  1. There is an action card with an active approval round (where approval is currently requested but not everyone has approved)

  2. This action card has a deadline

  3. This action card is NOT completed

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