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Your command center for tracking status of outstanding approvals

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Trying to keep your finger on the pulse of all current approval rounds within your team, and there's too many for you to keep jumping between different projects & action cards? We have the solution: Approvals Reporting.

What is this?

This is a stand-alone Hive App created specifically to see a dashboard summary of all current approval routes across your projects, so you can view:

  • Who is the current approver

  • What is the status of their response: Awaiting, Approved or Changes Requested

  • How long have they had this approval sitting with them?

  • Which round & stage are we on?

  • Which file is currently being reviewed?

  • Which action card should I jump to to see more information?

Below, we answer some common questions on this new view!

How do I enable Approvals Reporting?

From Hive Apps. Same as the other Hive Apps, to get this in your navigation sidebar, this must be:

  • Enabled by your workspace admin (toggled on)

  • Pinned by you

Could you give me a quick tour?


Step one: Select the projects that you want to see, that have active approval rounds. Please note, if the project has approval routes then they will show under the dropdown arrow to the left of the project name:

Pro tip: The action card with the approval route must have a due date or a range populated in order for the approval route information to display on the Approvals Report.

Step two: add any project details you would like to view. In this case, I'll add Project Owner and Status (these are optional!):

Step three: Check out all the details you can see here:

  1. Step = The action card where the approval is happening. Click on this title to open the action card directly!

  2. File = The title of the active proof

  3. Stage = The title of the current stage where approval is happening (tip: if you rename the Stage, that name will appear here!)

  4. Round # = The current round

  5. Approver = Name of the current approver. Tip: Yellow means Awaiting, Green means Approved, Red means Changes Requested.

  6. Stage Start = When did this person get this request?

Wait, my approvals don't show - why not?

Are your active approvals there? If not, head to the project and check:

  1. There is an action card with an active approval round (where approval is currently requested but not everyone has approved)

  2. This action card has a deadline

  3. This action card is NOT completed

  4. Click the dropdown arrow to the left of the project name

How do I follow up with my outstanding Approvals?

To provide more visibility into your workspace's reports, you can see all outstanding Approvals each Manager has. Go ahead and find your Approval log by going to the Hive Apps, search for Time-tracking app, and select the clipboard icon in the right-hand corner.

In case you need to edit your Manager, navigate to 'Edit profile' in your profile picture dropdown.

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