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Using Hive's Gantt Chart Layout
Using Hive's Gantt Chart Layout

A styling and functionality refresh

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We've undertaken a big refresh of the gantt view, including:

  • Ability to edit titles in-line

  • Ability to add subactions without opening the action card

  • Ability to create dependency equations: finish-to-start, start-to-start and finish-to-finish

  • Multi-select actions and move together

Let's check them all out!

Edit Titles:
Now, you click the title twice to edit the text in-line:

Open Actions:
Now, you click the open icon on the left to open the action card:

Create Dependencies using Formulas:

Once you enable Dependencies in Hive Apps, you will be able to show the dependencies column in Gantt:

Then, make sure to set your Auto-Scheduling to Strict from the 'More' menu on the side of the project.  

Once you see the Predecessor column, you can create dependencies plus or minus a lag, as shown here:

Finish-to-start dependency plus 3 days would be written as 1.1FS+3days, where 1.1. is the number of the action that needs to be finished before the next one is started.  

Start-to-start dependency would be written as 1.1SS+3days.

Finish-to-finish is written as 1.1FF+3days.  

Start-to-finish would be written as 1.1SF+3days.

Looking for something else in the gantt charts, let us know!

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