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How to manage to do list, provide detail to action cards, and using Now and Snooze

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"My Actions" view is a list of all actions you create for yourself and that others assign to you. In My Actions, it is easy to see what you need to do and prioritize accordingly.

You can find your My Actions view at the top of the left hand navigation panel of your Hive workspace. 

To set up your “My Actions” view:

1. Add a few actions to your list 

Click the box that says What needs to be done? Type what you want to do and press enter. Just like that, an action will appear on your list.

2. Build out your actions 

Click on one of your actions, and it will open up a modal showing all the action details. There are a lot of details you can add to provide more context to your action.

These include:

  • descriptions: a place to give more details, instructions, or context to the action.

  • sub-actions: if your action is bigger, sub-actions can break it into more manageable pieces.

  • deadline: a timeline makes it easy to keep accountable and prioritize with other work.

  • labels: a way to group your action with others for a project or activity.

  • files: documents that will help you perform the action.

  • comments: a place to discuss progress with relevant members of your team.

As you can see in the images above, you can add a lot of detail onto one simple action card. Still, if you like to keep things simple, you can leave everything but the action title blank.

Once you’ve added the details that are needed to complete the action, click close to leave the modal. 

3. Organize your actions

There are five categories your actions are organized into:

  • To-do is a list of all actions that are assigned to you.

  • Snoozed includes all actions that are snoozed and are not a top priority for you. For all snoozed actions, you set a date on which you want to see them show up again.

  • Assigned by me lists actions that you assigned to someone else so that you can keep it on your radar and track the progress.

  • Following shows those actions that you follow and need to stay in the loop.

  • Completed is a list of all your already completed actions.

These different categories make it easy to automatically keep your list organized and focus on what is important. Still, you can tailor your actions to your needs even further:

  • Drag and drop to move actions up or down your list. For Snoozed actions, press the star button to move it to the Now list, and press the blue clock to snooze it until later.

  • If an action absolutely needs to be done now, you can mark it urgent. It will then show a red exclamation point on the action card making it easy to spot that the action is important.

  • If one of your actions is personal, you can mark it private. That way no one on your team besides you can see it. All private actions will show an eye icon on the card so you can identify them easily.

  • Try out the search bar to find your actions. Just type in a word and all the actions that contain that word will show up in a list.

  • If you do not see your Approval Request in My Action View.
    The action card that has the proof may be Completed, then you can go to the Filters in My Action View and enable the "Completed actions in approvals"

That's not all! You can now explore Status, Calendar and Table views of "My Actions". 

Here is how you can change "My Actions" from List view to other views.

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