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Manage Team Assignments

Assign actions to your team has arrived!

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With the new capability to assign an action to a team, you can now:

  • Assign tasks to a Hive Team

  • View which team is assigned an action

  • See your team assignments in My Actions view

Read on for more info and check out the FAQ at the bottom!

How does it work?

First, make sure the team is added as a member in the project where you will be making the assignment, by going to More > Edit project > Add project members > Search for the team & Invite:

Next, using the assignee picker in Gantt layout select the team for any task that you are assigning to the team:

You may also do this from the action card assignee picker, as seen here:

Now the team is assigned! What happens next?

The action card appears in the My Actions dashboard for everyone in the Team, in a new section for Team Actions, as seen here:

The Team members have already received a notification about the team assignment, including who assigned the team action and of course, which team:

Note: If the action assignment changes, the latest update will appear in your notification feed.


Q: I've been assigned a Team action. How do I 'pick it up' and work on it for the team?

โ€‹A: Open the action from My Actions, and assign it to yourself to 'claim' the action from the team. Everyone receives a notification about this update. Now the action is moved to your to-do list below.

Q: Does everyone receive a notification when someone reassigns a team action to themselves?

โ€‹A: Yes! The notification looks like this when someone reassigns the team action to themselves:

Q: Where can I see the team assignment - which views?

A: The team 'badge' or assignment appears in Status View, Label View, Calendar View, and Gantt View.

Status View:

Table View:

Label View:

Calendar View:

Q: Why can't I see a team column in Team View?

A: It's a good question. We do not yet display a column for the team in the Team View, as this is reserved still for individuals only. You will see the action with the Team badge displayed, but remain in the Unassigned column.

That said, we're listening to feedback before planning v2 of this feature, so please make sure to add any suggestions for how iterate on this functionality here:

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