• Can't find an action card that you're sure you used to be able to see in your project?

  • Or, did you archive an action card and are not sure where to find it?

Here's how you can locate these archived action cards.

An action card is archived by clicking on the file box icon on the bottom:

Once archived, the file box icon turns blue, and the card is 'filed away' from all views unless specifically called back.

Alternatively, you can also right click on an action card to archive it quickly when you are viewing your project in one of the Kanban views (Status, Label, Team)

Looking for an archived card & you know the title? Try Searching

In the top search bar, search the title or keywords from the action card description and check the 'Archived' box. In this case, I'm looking for an action card about the Launch in my Website project:

Don't recall the action card title but you know the project? Try the 'show archived' option in the project.

From within the project in Status, Team or Label layout, click 'Filters' then click the checkbox for 'Archived', as shown below:

This will instantly surface any archived action cards in the project, and they are obviously denoted with the file box icon:

Are you looking for an archived project?

Head to the Archived Projects tab on Project Navigator for that!

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