Understanding Hive's Platform

15 seconds introduction to the Hive dashboard

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Welcome to the Hive dashboard! There are five key areas you need to know.

  1. My Actions - My Actions will show you all of the actions that have been assigned to you across the workspace. This is your To-Do list!

  2. Hive Mail - Manage your inbox directly in Hive with HiveMail

  3. Hive Apps - Here you can access & pin the Hive Apps like Resourcing, Timesheets, Forms, Portfolio View & more.

  4. Projects - Displays projects that are important to you.

  5. Pinned projects - Pin your 'favorite' projects to the navigation panel to make them easily accessible no matter where you are in the workspace. You may also pin Hive apps.

  6. Messaging Panel - Access your group conversations or your direct messages. Start a new conversation by clicking the new message button at the bottom.
    โ€‹Please note! Hive Messaging won't be available for you if you have Slack connected. It's only possible to have either Hive Messenger or Slack but not both of them turned on at the same time.

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